Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Dinner Blog

I am starting a dinner blog. Everybody always thinks, 'what did we have for dinner last night?' So this is now my dinner blog. Boring isn't it. I will be doing completely different things on polls or every now and again but if they are questions answer them!

Okay now I gotta go


  1. I think this is a great idea!! And I will be excited to read about what the Happy group is having for dinner... and then some! :o)

    Hugs from Herning...about an hour west of you guys!

  2. I think your mom is wonderful for even making you dinner! :) She must love you or something...

  3. As the mother of your mother(Nana), I know that cooking has been a long learning process for her. It has taken her awhile (she didn't know how to cook when she first got married) but she has become a really good cook lately and you should get in the kitchen and learn to cook at an early age. And make sure you tell your mom 'thank you' for dinner. Papa still tells me 'thank you' for dinner.

  4. happy thanks mommy for dinner too...I will be excited to read your post mortem dinner descriptions. Mummy makes yummy dinner.

  5. I can't wait to read your blog. I think that it is awsome that you have decided to do this.
    Lisa from near Tracy.

  6. HI,
    If I could make a blog i would also do one, that is a Great idea! and now i don't have to spy on you every time you are eating! No just kidding!
    See yaa in school!